Hungry at the beach

I guess I should have eaten some lunch, or packed something, but it was a mad-mad morning. Long drive to the beach, spreading ourselves out in the sunshine, and G opened up her magic pack to produce ice cubes, strong and stylish hi-ball glasses, and excellent G&Ts. (Only my second of the summer… I think I’m falling behind here!) I got so hungry I had to beg G for some of the dog food she was handing out so sparingly to the leaping doggies… Not bad, as dog food goes. The cheese chunks were better than the hot-dog chunks. Little black and curly doggie Decker was very annoyed with me. It was one thing for me to reach into the doggy-bag and take out a handful of stuff, but it was quite another thing for me to put it into my own mouth. (Well, I did share some of it!) At least it got me through the no-lunch part of the afternoon and sopped up a bit of the gin and tonic. Lots of gabbing in the sun, playing in the water, peeing in the bushes.

Then we were heading toward Bloomfield for ice cream, but got sidetracked by the great-fish-and-chips-place in Picton, where we sat out in the backyard at a beaten up picnic table, drowning everything in ketchup. I shared some of my fish with the doggies. I mean, fair is fair, right?