A day in Toronto

She’s marvellous. I haven’t read her book “Happily Ever After Marriage”, but will plan to do so… She says it’s about her divorce, but the web blurb & the reviews seem to have more to do with “relationships”. She did a great column in G&M about Chaz Bono recently. We all have to figure out who we are, somehow or other, sometime or other. The photographer, Michelle, seemed to spend half an hour taking pix of my right profile with her giant camera. “Look at the window” “Look straight ahead” … I guess I was tired and a bit cranky by then. Downtown Toronto is a mess of construction, all along Front Street. When I walked across from Union Station to Le Bistro the day was alternately hot and steamy, hot and windy, wet and windy, cool and windy…. all in the space of about half an hour…

I was glad to get back on the train and into the total luxury of a yummy Caesar and dinner on the train. And, reading Alone in the classroom, the new Elizabeth Hay book! By the time I got to page 32 I was writing fan letters to her! Got home at about 10:00. It always seems to take me a whole day to recover from such relatively mild adventures. Age, of course. That, more than anything else, is how I feel my 80 years. The question of stamina. Ah well.

The Sarah Hampson column will appear sometime in early July, if all goes well.