Here and Now

I’m trying to get back to doing the occasional blog… As you can see from the past notes, I really stopped communicating after my husband died… But now it’s time I picked up my life again…

My new memoir, “Love, and all that Jazz” has been published and the reviews have begun to trickle in… (You can find them elsewhere on this website.)

Kingston WritersFest 2013

I had a great weekend at the end of September with the Kingston WritersFest, where I was on a panel with the ever-wonderful Helen Humphreys and the newly-wonderful Iain Reid. Shelley Tanaka is a splendid moderator.  She made us all think, made us talk, made us laugh.

 kingston writers fest

We chatted about memoir, with each other and with the audience, and a grand time was had by all. There were a lot of exciting events to go to, a lot of writers to listen to and to meet, too many books to read ….

I have a new stack beside my bed now.

But what am I to do with the ones that have been languishing there over the past several months??