Days without Fog

fogLitIt's Saturday night in St John, and I have just finished my last event with the glorious FogLit, St John's very first "literary festival." This has been an exciting time, for them and for me. Most of the writers here are from the Maritimes, and it's an exciting bunch of people.

This is my first real gig out of Ontario, and I do have to say it's very exciting. if I hadn't been trying to dodge a cold I would probably have enjoyed it more. The fatigue brought on by the cold has really sent me barreling into bed for a rest more often than I would have liked. ...

Fog Lit in St John

I arrived on Friday afternoon and went to a wonderful reading in the afternoon.....

Chad Pelley, Riel Nason, Beth Powning, and David Adams Richards all read at the Novel Tea event. It's the first time I had heard any of them, and I was captivated by the maritime voice, the long history of story-telling.
Of course I bought books, which means that my suitcase will be loaded up when I fly out in the morning...

Today I did a morning workshop on writing memoir. All of that was very exciting for me, because although I seem to have written two memoirs, I'm not really sure that I know "how to do it"... It was a great bunch of people! Not true "seniors", as I would have expected back in Kingston, but a slightly younger crowd for the most part. We talked a lot about memory and about "story" ... finding the actual story within the memory.
The moderator asked me to read a bit, which I did. A piece from Little Comrades (the story called "Pink") , and talked about it being the first actually "story" I was aware of writing. I passed out notes to everyone, and then encouraged them to talk to me. Went on for about an hour and then we all took a coffee/tea break. Talk, talk, talk. Later I read the "Stairway" section from Love, and all that Jazz. The people seemed pleased with the workshop.

I met Chad Pelley again Saturday afternoon, when we are on a panel together, with Cary Caffrey, to discuss what was billed at "Indie vs Traditional Publishing." I don't think any of us were quite happy with the concept of "versus", but we certainly had a lively discussion of the range of publishing options in today's world.



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