Catching Up

A wonderful adventure was appearing on a couple of panels at the Kingston WritersFest at the end of September. The first one, “Daughters of the Revolution” with Merrily Weisbord, the author of (among many other things) The Strangest Dream, a history of the Communist Party in Canada. We almost had a wonderful conversation, but she had developed raging laryngitis and did a lot of smiling and whispering. However, the audience asked plenty of questions and I yattered happily on about my family and my childhood. The whole process, both for this session and for others, was aided throughout by the seemingly indefatigable Merilyn Simonds, for whose skills we at the Fest were exceedingly grateful.


Daughters-of-Revolution 0085-300x210

Daughters of Revolution Panel at Kingston WritersFest 2011. Merilyn Simonds, Merrily Weisbord, Laurie Lewis


One of the things that particularly seemed to interest people was the notion that I really didn’t start writing until I was over 70. Tillie Olsen said that every woman who managed to write was a survivor, and I do certainly feel grateful to have survived to be a mouthy old lady. (Of course, my mother used to say that once you pass 80 they will applaud you just for standing up!)
I have a few readings and book club meetings scheduled over the spring and fall of 2012, including at least one in Ottawa. I’ll try to post notices here on the website and hope that some of you might come along and talk to me.
My next book, tentatively called “Love and all that jazz”, is scheduled for publication sometime in 2013.


Here's a photo from my new memoir: This is a New York rooftop in 1958. That's Miles Davis on the left, with my daughter Amanda sitting on his lap, and that's me hanging over them. The guy on the right is Robert Brownjohn, graphic designer, shortly before he left for England to become a famous ... well, that's for later.

I plan to go to Mexico again this year, during February and March, and will be doing the final editing bits while I am in Oaxaca. That’s a process I really love! The patio of my B&B is usually calm most of the morning and I can get a lot of work done. Then in the evening there are some people around to chat with if I wish, and avoid if I don’t wish.
Don’t forget to check the website of the Seniors Association in Kingston, to see what the doings are here in town.